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July 6, 2012

Medical Marijuana For HIV AIDS

Medical Marijuana is strongly anecdotal proof, that exists for sustain of medical marijuana in treating symptoms related with HIV/AIDS.

Condition Description
HIV AIDS Medical Marijuana Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) a person is referred to as HIV positive. Once a person becomes HIV positive, the virus goes through the bloodstream, then pierces the cells that build up the immune system and swells. The HIV virus molests the immune system gradually creating it easier for a human being to get a multiplicity of illnesses known as opportunistic infections. Once HIV infection has drastically damaged an individual’s immune system that person is analyzed as having Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

Traditional Treatment
HIV prescription is deliberated to decline the ‘viral-load’ and thwart HIV from reproducing, which restricts injure to the immune system. The ‘viral-load’ is the amount of the HIV virus that is flowing in the blood stream. There are anti-HIV drugs that both decrease the viral load and the number of infections in the blood stream. Some of the generally prescribed drugs are used to help the body struggle off opportunistic infections. Even though these drugs are obtainable to aid slow down the virus, there is no cure to abolish the virus from within the body.

Marijuana for AIDSBenefits of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is extensively accepted for its usefulness in treating symptoms associated to HIV/AIDS. Cannabis has been identified to help reduce the following symptoms in HIV patients.

  1. Nausea
  2. Lack of appetite
  3. Nerve Pain
  4. Depression
  5. Anxiety
  6. Sleeping problems

Nausea: Medical cannabis is helpful for HIV patients experiencing nausea from their HIV prescriptions.

Appetite: An augment in hunger is an effect of marijuana that is vastly accepted. People exaggerated with HIV frequently experience a lack of appetite that stimulates a ferocious cycle of tiredness; not eating leads to low energy, exhaustion makes it hard to eat. Medical marijuana helps arouse the appetite which in turns helps with power gain.

Neuropathic Pain: Some HIV pills cause pain via minor neuropathy. Facts show that marijuana can relieve this pain than prescription medication.

Depression: Medical Marijuana’s antidepressant effects are because of its chemical resemblance to natural substances in the brain known as endo-cannabinoids. These endo-cannabinoids are unrestricted under conditions of high stress or pain.

Sleeping: Many HIV patients have an inflexible time sleeping owing to pain, depression and anxiety. A small dose of medical marijuana before bed often helps HIV patients get a good night’s sleep.

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One Response to Medical Marijuana For HIV AIDS

  1. marijuana has been around for quiet awhile. it’s a natural herb, as well you know. i live in fl. i’m a 24 my fight has been a long journey. sometimes you want to through in the towel, because of all the different kinds of medications & there side effects. been through a lot of trials as new meds came out.when they won’t pass the bill foe medical use, you have to be very careful, because if you don’t, you’ll go to jail. the benefits out weights the pain you have to endure in the process on being healthy. i could go on & on, but, thank-you for this chance to voice my opinion. i-all for it to be legal. then you don-t have to lurk in the shadows. have a great day. “)

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