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Cannabis is the botanic family name for the weed plant cannabis sativa. It is the name for marijuana. From the jagged leaves of the cannabis plant marijuana is attained. Cannabis will make either a large quantity of resin or a large quantity of fibers.THC is the most important chemical component present in this cannabis plant. Good Cannabis Selection is only on Herbal Mission which is in San Francisco.

  • Indica - Indica are normally more chubby (2-4 feet tall) with a lower yield (1.5-2.5 oz). But different from their cousin Sativa, Indica plants will generate much upper quality bud (18+ % THC content evaluated to their cousins who commonly stay around 12-16%). Indica plants will also give you a couch-lock [body] high. A lot of popular aroma bud is Indica. Great for pain and nausea.
  • Sativa - Sativa plants are commonly taller than Indica's (ranging from 4-12 feet outside) and have larger yields evaluated to Indica plants (3.5+ oz per plant outside). Even though the plant will generate more bud. Sativa cannabis will shape a head high, for more social events (common among celebrities, especially musicians).
  • Hybrid - Cannabis Hybrid is sister of Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. Cannabis Hybrid is a moderately mysterious variety of cannabis, which logically occurs in the mountains of the Caucasus to Mongolia and China. It is likely that the Cannabis hybrid derives in the south-east of Russia, after which it has quickly spread in the wild.


Medical Marijuana regulars frequently get the wrong idea that Hash, extract and concentrates are rather dissimilar, but truly these are the terms in general used to state when the trichomes have been estranged from the medical marijuana plant. They referred to the same thing. A concentrate by sense is a more powerful or more efficient item than the one it was primarily improved from. Concentrating rather includes eliminating the unnecessary or needless materials and making after the ones you want, thus creating the eventual item chaster, more concentrated. In creating marijuana concentrates, the undesirables are noticeably everything in the cannabis bud that is not THC or other cannabinoids.

Marijuana Products


Medical Weeds was worn as edibles, first in China. They sophisticated Pot to be used as cereals. They cooked the seeds and experienced it. The chronological funeral place of China restricted vessels overloaded with its seed foodstuffs to be used in the eternal life. Later Pot cookery ethnicity entered. Though, they utilized the unique therapeutic results of weed by cooking the flowers, buds, stems and leaves as an alternative of the just seed products. Variety of Pot edibles are given as Chocolates, Cooking Oil, Butter, Cupcakes, Cookies, Teas, Lollipops, Brownies, Streusels, Caramels, Sprays, Lozenges.


Marijuana Seeds and Clones are used to grow the marijuan plant in your home or your place. To get quality cannabis seeds and clones in San Francisco Medical Marijuana Dispensary.


Marijuana topical are prescribed for arthritis, pain, etc. Get good quality of marijuana/cannabis made creams and lotions at herbal mission online medical dispensary. Medical Marijuana is proper for wrench associated with skin, muscles, and joints, and they slog without the normal marijuana high. Current applications of medical marijuana are helpful for patients with arthritis, back pain, neck pain, leg pain, foot pain, burning skin pain, herpes, shingles, skin cancers, various neuralgias, and peripheral neuropathy.


Marijuana prepared apparels and frills like T-shirts, wristbands, etc. will help you to display your support and love towards the medical cannabis plant. Apparels and Misc like T shirts, modified clothing of cannabis made for women and men are available at San Francisco medical marijuana dispensary herbal mission in attractive costs.

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