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Herbal Benefits of Medical Marijuana

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Herbalism is also known as Herbal medicine which is the study and use of plant’s medical properties. Plants have the capability to produce a large number of chemical substances that are used to do significant biological action, and to protect against predators attack such as fungi, insects and herbivorous mammals. Many of these chemical substances have useful effects on human health when used by them, and can be used to treat human diseases.

Uses of Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicines have both short-term and long-term usage. The leaf, stem, resin, flowers and roots of various plants are used as medicine for various diseases in several countries. Some of the short-term health problems like cold, fever, headache and minor wounds can be treated using homemade herbal medicine holy basil, Fenugreek and raisin. Herbal medicines can treat any illness and they are having fewer side effects than modern medicine. They are low-cost when compared with prescription medications. Herbal medicines are available in wide range. We can grow a simple herb in our home for the treatment of short-term illness.

Herbal Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana as an Herbal medicine

Marijuana is obtained from the hemp plant cannabis which is used for many purposes and as herbal medicine. Marijuana is the safest substance used by people. There are more than 500 components present in the cannabis plant that are used for curing several diseases like OCD, AHDH, Autism, Brain Tumor, bipolar disorder, diabetes, cancer etc. Marijuana’s component THC reduces the Alzheimer's disease also.

Why Cannabis?

Cannabis is used by people from all walks of life, from kids through to people in their seventies or older. Most of these older people were around in the 1950’s which was a time of hippie culture, ‘flower power’ and drugs such as cannabis. So it is true that they will still be smoking the infrequent ‘joint’ or two. Since cannabis is having a lot of medical usage as well as industrial usage, the legalization of cannabis is needed all over the world. Some of the countries like Australia, US, Netherland etc. were legalized it but some countries not yet.

Green World

Researchers around the world accept that we all must do our share to take care of our earth. This means making changes to our day-today life to cut global warming and the use of chemicals that produce hole in the Earth’s protective ozone layer. Growing cannabis plant in the forest can reduce soil erosion which is major reason for the global warming, so for Green World Greenish cannabis is the necessary one.

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